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Advice On Identifying Power Source

Ken asks readers:

“Please can you advise me. I have inherited quite a few engines. Trix, Hornby and possibly other makes. How do I identify which are DC and which are AC. Will I damage them if I give them the wrong power?”

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3 Responses to Advice On Identifying Power Source

  • Finn Sartor says:

    AC = 3 rail, Ac loco’s will have a pickup between the wheels that looks like a long shoe.
    DC= 2rail, DC loco’s have pickups on the inside of the wheels, look for small copper strips, that’s what they are.

  • Robert says:

    First check that the locos don’t have a DCC chip installed. Quickly touch the pickups on each loco with your DC power supply. If the wheels turn you have a DC loco. If the wheels don’t turn and you get a hummmm, the loco will be AC. Doing it quickly you shouldn’t do any damage.

  • JOHN says:

    Corrugated cardboard (different thicknesses are available) carefully stripped of outer layer of paper on one side, leaves log wall. But necessary to carefully cut between each log. Leave small strip on one side of each log. Paint logs desired color, But paint small strip white to represent caulking. Now glue logs together overlapping small white strip. Caulking will show in random fashion.

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