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New Locomotive Suggestions

Craig models in HO and posted this question:

“I am looking to add a DC locomotive to my operation. I have 18 degree rail with tight operations. The setup is early sixties era. Any suggestions?”

You can add any suggestions to guide Craig under this post.

2 Responses to New Locomotive Suggestions

  • Jim Myrhum says:

    four axle locos — go for it!!!! Some 6 axle locos may not appreciate the 18″ radius, but try it, some will work. Rolling stock, most all under 60′ length — no problem, 72′ Passenger cars are OK, but that is where I would stop. Also be aware, some mechanical Reefers and the big covered hoppers need the undercarriage checked. If they have a center beam on the undercarriage, they will not work on anything less than 22′ radius!!
    I do run DC and just got done with the corrective – expansion, now everything runs better. Make sure that everything is 18″ radius — otherwise problems.

  • Pat says:

    I agree with Jim. 4 axle locos for sure. Most manufactures make them. Even Scaletrains have a new 4 axle loco which looks awesome and I am sure runs great. Six axle units pulling passenger cars might give you coupling issues on tight curves.

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