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Painting Boxcars

Philip asks:

“I was going to repaint several old boxcars by hand with a bush, but saw little cans of Tamiya model spray paints in an art store. Has anyone used them? Would this be easier and give a smoother finish than using a paint brush?”

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6 Responses to Painting Boxcars

  • Kevin says:

    Yes go for them great product

  • o mac says:

    Tamiya paint with airbrush is just fine. Use many light coats to prevent runs, and keep applying Iuntil you get the depth of paint colour you are looking for.
    Water base in Matt finish looks good.

  • Dennis says:

    Yes, Tamiya spray paints (in cans) are great. I use them all the time not only for model railroading but for model aircraft as well.

  • William Anderson says:

    Air brush is the only way to go. The low end ones work just fine for modeling work. I must say that I do recommend the No Name brand 2 tank compressor though, as it gives a smooth, non-pulsating air supply.

  • Jim says:

    Spray paint in cans is the most simple way to go. Acrylic
    paint applied by brush on a large flat surface such as the side of a box car leaves brush marks, is thick and hides tiny details. Spray paint leaves a thin smooth finish. Satin is rather than flat or gloss works well. Use paint compatible with styrene plastic. For example Tamiya Color is good but don’t use their paint made for polycarbonate. Another good paint is Vallejo. I prefer Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X.

  • Frank B says:

    Spray paints can give a nice smooth finish, but may need some practice to master the skill of spraying.  
     If you intend to do a lot of rolling stock and layout painting, an airbrush will save you a lot of cash over individual spray cans.    But start with spray cans, if you like the result, you can buy the airbrush later. Airbrushes come in many shapes and sizes, right down to small battery operated units.    Watch some Youtube videos on model railroad airbrushing and reviews of airbrush types to see what’s available and how to airbrush.

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