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Proto 2000 Engines Manufacture

Jim poses this question for readers:

“Another of those questions that was sparked previous to a purchase. I saw a number of HO Scale Proto 2000 engines (different types in original boxes) and when looking at the guts of a few of the engines, I saw wires to a PCB. The question becomes; are all Proto 2000 engines DCC? If not, why is there a PCB on the top of the weight in any of the engines?”

Please comment below if you can assist Jim.

3 Responses to Proto 2000 Engines Manufacture

  • Jack Barry says:

    All P2K engines do not have DCC plug. Many have DCC plugs but most do not. Some P1K’s have the plug. The only way I know of DCC ready loco is the box will have “Limited Edition” on the flap (top of box) Cheers, J B🚂

  • Raymond says:

    Some proto 2000 locomotives have an eight pin plug so you can plug in a decoder. But not all of them have it. If it dates dcc ready on the box then you can install an eight pin decoder.

  • Rudy says:

    The PC board is for the lights. It provides proper voltage to the incandescent headlight which is much lower than the track voltage. It has a circuit for a gyra light which is simulated by alternately powering two filaments in the upper bulb. On the later units you may find an 8 pin DCC connector as well on that circuit board. On B units these circuit boards are sparsely populated because they have no lights, only the track connections which provides the power and the motor connections.

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