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Running Problems Track Cross Overs

Stuart model in OO and asks readers:

“Hi, has anyone experienced problems with Track Cross Overs (diamond crossings)and short circuit issues?
I operate my layout using DCC Control which works well except that two new locomotives that I’ve recently purchased (Hornby class 90 and a class 92) when crossing the crossovers create a short circuit, none of my other locomotive experience this issue. I’m at a bit of a loss to be honest so any ideas and hints would be welcome. Thanks in advance Stuart”

2 Responses to Running Problems Track Cross Overs

  • Robert says:

    Check your back to back wheel spacing and also the tyre width. Depending on which brand of diamond crossing you are using, shorting ususally occurs when a wheel tyre or flange makes contact with the wrong rail near the frog.

  • Frank B says:

    Here is a connection diagram for a Peco O turnout, which is probably similar, and may help you to see how the connections go and the possible places a short circuit could occur. Look at the closeness of the opposite polarity rails as the loco wheels approach the frog, this could cause a short.

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