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Feedback, Answers, Questions

Regular reader Robert M would like more of the people who post questions to provide feedback on whether or not the suggested solutions offered by readers were actually helpful. Robert M writes:

I regularly look at the problems and suggested remedies. Could those posting questions please provide feedback on whether the suggestions sorted your problem so that anyone else with a similar problem knows what worked?”

Robert M has a good point. Some people do provide helpful feedback to the answers others contribute, but some people don’t bother which is disappointing because in most instances the answers are incredibly constructive. Common courtesy please.

3 Responses to Feedback, Answers, Questions

  • Glennsays:

    I agree with Robert M. I believe feedback can help everyone. Even those responding to questions can learn from other responses. Glenn

  • Glennsays:

    Oops! How do I edit posts? I meant to write “feedback to the questions, others contribute”

  • Glennsays:

    Ok, don’t know where my reply went, so I will try again.

    I agree with Robert M. Responses to questions can be helpful to those asking, as well as, people who may answer some questions. No matter how experienced we are, we don’t have all the answers, or all the best answers. It would be great to know if a solution suggested, is actually helpful. Glenn

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