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model scale railroad houses to construct ho scale n scale oo gauge

Construct These Scale Model Churches – WATCH HOW!

Download the plan for this church and construct to HO, OO, or N scale here https://www.modelbuildings.org/more-building-plans-pack-deal

Download your FREE updated catalog here https://www.modelbuildings.org/catalog

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Old Engines Not working

Verlin models HO and asks:

“I have new Bachmann track, and a small setup. My small pusher engine works perfectly. My 3 larger engines do not. The lights are flickering but the engines not running. They all worked 10 years ago, but have been stored in basement since in Colorado. Maybe the wheels need cleaning? Best way? Other suggestions?”

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Adding a Decoder

Geoff writes:

“Hello, I have OO9 (UK speak for HO narrow gauge). I’m planning to add a decoder to a Tomytec N gauge chassis for a narrow gauge railcar project. The connection from the wheels to the motor is by metal strips. As there aren’t any colored wires, I’m not sure which “side” of the motor and chassis to connect the red and black pickup wires and the orange/grey motor wires of the decoder. I’m not sure if it matters anyway, since the railcar doesn’t really have a front and back.”

If you are able to assist Geoff, please add your comments under his post.

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Problem With Peco Joiners

Larry works with N scale and writes:

“I just dug out a pack of Peco joiners that I hadn’t used before. I can’t get them to start on the rails as most are pinched together. Any fixes?”

Please post your comments to assist Larry below.

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Kadee 148 Whisker Verses Number 5 Couplers

Neville asks”

“I have 3 older Athearn diesels dating back to the ’80s and one a bit earlier. Looking at the coupler boxes I think the Kadee Whisker #148 might be my best option. Any thoughts?”

You can post your thoughts below. Thank you.

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How To Maximize Your Track Space – WATCH VIDEO

Save up to 77% on background building plans here https://www.modelbuildings.org/background-buildings/

Download the latest catalog showing the full range of buildings here https://www.modelbuildings.org/catalog/

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Shrink Tubing Instead of Bullfrog Snot?

Lee who models in N scale asks”

“Have you guys tried shrink tubing on traction tires? Will it work?”

Please post your thoughts below if you are able to assist Lee.

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Strip Paint From Athearn and Atlas Shells

Kent asks:

“I want to strip the paint from one Atlas and one much older blue-box Athearn. I read to use 91% isopropyl alcohol but wondered how safe the stuff is, do I just soak it in a container of some kind (for how long), and/or scrub it (using what)? I would do it right rather than guess. Thanks if you can help.”

To advise Kent please post your comments underneath.

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Download These 9 True-To-Life scale Model Houses and 4 Garages Perfect For HO Scale, N Scale, Or OO Scale Railroads

You can access the plans to make these 9 houses and 4 garages ready for download here https://www.modelbuildings.org/9-houses-and-4-garages-pack-deal πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Cutting Rails

Gavin asks:

“I was given some old track that I could cut to prototypical lengths for staging and trackside scenery. I don’t think rail nippers will do the job. Any thoughts?”

Please add your thoughts below to assist Gavin.

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Problem With Kadee Couplers Uncoupling

Shawn asks:

“I use both the regular Kadee couplers and the magnetic type. Problem is; with cars uncoupling during operations. My layout is flat so there are any grade issues. I thought it might be because the couplers weren’t all at the same height, but they seem to be. Help if you can please.”

You can assist Shawn by posting your comments and suggestions below.

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Watch Young Railroader Make His First Building

You can download the same plan at https://www.modelbuildings.org/industries-structures-industrial-scale-models-for-trains πŸ‘


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New Locomotive Suggestions

Craig models in HO and posted this question:

“I am looking to add a DC locomotive to my operation. I have 18 degree rail with tight operations. The setup is early sixties era. Any suggestions?”

You can add any suggestions to guide Craig under this post.

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55 Atlas Turnout Issue

Melvin asks:

“My trains run smoothly except for a little hesitation on my 55 Atlas turnout points. Would the poor connection be due to a lot of use or corrosion? I would like some suggestions from anyone who has been thru this. Thanks in anticipation.”

Contribute your comments and view comments from other readers below.

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How to Select The Right DCC Decoder

Clifford asks:

“I know I’m a slow starter, but have finally decided to convert from DC to DCC. My question is which decoders to purchase for my various locomotives. How do I match up a loco model with the correct decoder and sound system?”

You can submit your comments below to assist Clifford.

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Watch How To Build This Old Wild West Telegraph Office and Stage Coach Depot

You can download the plans and construct to HO, OO, or N scale at https://www.modelbuildings.org/wildwest-mining

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Cattle On The Railway Tracks At The Golden State Model Railroad

Must be why it’s called a “cowcatcher.”

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Layout Rules and Historical Relevance

Dave asks readers:

“Can someone point me to a set/sign of rules for ‘My Model Railroad’ that includes a comment about an anachronism on the layout?”

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